Friday, November 23, 2007

I didnt want to see the drama....

Yesterday....It was thursday and the last day of the week, was started in a very common way....Office car was waiting for me...I was late by 2 mins.....sorry dear colleagues. After lunch I attended the weekly meeting for A&S team. We talked about last week progress and the plan for the next week. Then our manager proposed something different. He wanted to go for some sort of entertainment. I was waiting to hear the exact plan- what entertainment??? Guese what was the plan??? Stage drama...!!!!!! Oppppsssss ..shit....(exactly what I uttered after the word stage drama) ..coz I never feel any interest in those drama..stage drama!!!??$$##!! But the attachment to the plan actually made me interested... idea for some khaowa-daowa, Pitha from baily-road Pitha-Ghor. I have heard of that but never tasted so i was too uninterested to say "no" to the first part of the plan, PITHA.
We started for baily road, it took more than half an hour. But the PITHA ghor helped us to forget the troubles of the road. The PITHAs were awesome, they were so different and so delicious. I was completely moved by the taste. Then we started walking towards the "Jatiyo Nattoshala", the theater hall. Though I was not interested but I wanted to convey my thanks to my manager for those PITHAs.
Projapoti (in ENGLISH: Butterfly) was the name of the stage-drama. It was the 50th show of the drama. Tariq Anam was in a lead role. And others were not known to me. I started watching it with a "HIZIBIZI" mode. But very soon i started enjoying the drama. It was comedy type. The theme was to live the life at your best. Whatever you get in you life take it, if it nice be happy, if not make it nice and be happy, if it is hard to make it nice then fight for it. Dont stop without making your life a live-worthy one. So go get it......Its your life it.........
I left the theater with a different mode, thanked my manager for the show. I didnt want to see the drama....but the drama has changed me. Surely I will gor for some other drama. Will you?

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Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...

Just happened to stop at your blog and went through this post!

Anyway, your experience has got me interested in stage drama and I wish to experience it at least once.

One more thing, it has appeared to me that you're no longer maintaining this blog :(